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Steel manufacturing with a global support network and over two decades of experience.

Quality Products

Over two decades of experience on wall mount and furniture solutions. Choose from one of our patent designs or bring your own.

One Stop Manufacturing Solution

We are more than a manufacturer. Since our humble beginnings, we have prided ourselves in offering a one-stop solution including in-house design, manufacturing, and testing. Beyond manufacturing, having established a global, privately owned network of warehouses helps us save you time and money. We assist you with logistics and worldwide distribution to help you avoid costly mistakes.


Hong Kong​

  • Research and Development always ahead of the market needs.
  • Hundreds of designs to choose from.


Shenzhen & Vietnam

  • Quality manufacturing at one of our locations.
  • Highly tranied workforce.
  • Advanced machinery.
  • In house testing facilities.
  • Packaging design and optimization.


North America (USA/Canada)

  • Logistic Solutions.
  • Warehouse network.
  • Local Customer Service Team.

Less Waste More Efficiency​

We utilize a range of manufacturing methods to provide you with fast production times. Techniques, such as multiple stamping, allow us to speed up production with a minimum workforce and maximum material usage rate. Less time and less waste is more efficient.

Steel Usage Rate

On the strength of our innovative manufacturing process, 97% of the steel is fully used during the first production cycle, the rest is recycled.

Steel Recycle Rate

From the 3% unused steel 99% of it is full recycled into new steel with virtually no loss of physical properties.

Automated Powder Coating

Fully automated powder coating line runs continuously from pretreatment, application, curing and drying. Total energy efficiency.

Multi Step Stamping

Multiple steps can be accomplished within a single machine and single stamp. Improving time and resource usage.

Our Customers
Our Commitment

As your business develops, we develop with you. We can scale capacity up and down to suit your needs. We pledge to work with you to develop a true business partnership, working together at every step of development.

Xinadda Global Network

Xinadda Group‘s global network of factories, warehouses, and customer service teams are here to help your business thrive. Our factories are based one in China and two in Vietnam, with a holding company in Hong Kong overseeing operations. All of our state-of-the-art facilities are supported by distribution and warehousing centers across the globe.

Whilst this is a strong basis for us to contribute to your success, customer service is another important pillar of our Group. We have customer service teams in the United States, Canada and Europe.

With our TV mounting and audio-visual products available in more than 40 countries, our customer service team ensures that your customers have support at your fingertips whenever and wherever you need it.

From Humble Beginnings to
Industry Leadership

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Xinadda’s Key Differences

Design Innovation

We invest heavily in research and innovation and stay aware of the latest AV trends. It allows us to identify and adopt solutions that are ready to market quickly. You can always choose to use your custom designs or choose to use ours.

Constant Improvement

At Xinadda we believe in quality and speed. Therefore, we invest heavily in technology and research to continually improve and optimize our manufacturing process.

Global Solution

Want to manufacture in different regions? You can choose from one of our manufacturing locations that best matches your business requirements.

Short Lead Time – High Quality

We utilize a range of manufacturing methods to provide you with fast production times. Techniques, such as stamping, allow us to speed up the production lead time while maintaining quality control.

After Sells Services

Our native speaking and highly trained customer service team can assist your clients in all matters related to the product; including, spare parts shipment, product replacement, or installation questions.

Logistics Solutions

Do you need help with warehouse or transportation solutions for your peak seasons? We can stock and ship your products from one of our US warehouses or in one of our factory locations, depending on your needs.

Xinadda Group’s strength lies in its global network of factories, warehouses, and customer service teams.

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