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Xinadda invests in companies across the globe with long term potentials and influential innovations. Our investments incorporate over 20 years of market experience and strategic advisory. We understand the challenges that occur at different stages of growth and how to make each step smoother.

Research & Development
We conduct internal research and development for our businesses, which includes long-term improvements and experimentations. Research and development allow Xinadda to provide modern manufacturing techniques that assure rapid and accurate manufacturing. Our analysis also includes the understanding of the markets, allowing our clients to be one step ahead of the upcoming trends.
Global Supply Chain Solution
Diversify by manufacturing where it works best — a complete manufacturing supply chain from China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Korea. We achieve this by replicating our years of manufacturing experience. Our clients can diversify their risks by choosing the manufacturing location that best fits their needs while knowing that they will still have the same Xinadda quality across their product line. We have a broad selection of factories and sister factories to meet our clients’ needs.
Quality Production

Xinadda Shenzhen & Vietnam


Product Design
Our in-house team has over 20 years of experience. We are capable of providing quick design cycles that match your business needs — working closely with the factory to provide immediate prototyping. All the new and original designs can be tested in our in-house UL labs to make sure the design matches international standards.



Factory Mass Production
Years of experience and constant investment in technological improvements have allowed us to provide maximum speed and accuracy. Our factory can handle all ranges of production needs. Our team is capable of speedy prototyping and continuous stamping productions. We work closely with our clients to understand which type of production matches their goals and their schedule.



UL Certification
Xinadda Shenzhen has several in-house test facilities and equipment. Xinadda’s laboratory is a UL-certified lab, allowing us to complete official lab evaluations on products. The certification means that our lab has the equivalent processes and pieces of equipment used in UL test laboratories. The certified lab allows us to evaluate and certify products for our clients at a faster speed and guarantee international standards of quality and safety.
Customer Satisfaction

Xinadda Inc

Customer Service
Xinadda is known for its excellence in product quality, and this promise to quality continues even after product delivery. Our professional, highly trained customer service team is based in California and always ready to assist your clients. Your clients can call or email for comprehensive installation assistance, product/parts replacement, and technical questions.
Logistics Solutions
We work closely with several logistics partners to achieve on-time national deliveries, and our clients can choose to leave the complexity of distribution to our in-house team. We can deliver anything from a single product to full containers or simply ship spare parts. Consult with us to learn more about our comprehensive logistic services.
Warehouse Facilities
Do you need us to stock inventory in the USA to speed up delivery? We collaborate with two large warehouse facilities located in California and North Carolina. They can provide extra storage spaces and store stock for the high seasons. The local warehouse also allows us to stock numerous spare parts and additional inventory to help our clients solve any unpredictable emergency.
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